OIETC Vs IELTS Score Comparison | Scoring Details of IELTS & ELLT

OIETC Vs IELTS Score Comparison | Scoring Details of IELTS & ELLT

OIETC Vs IELTS Score Comparison


ELLT_ A2 (IELTS_3.5),

ELLT_A2+ (IELTS_4), 

ELLT_B1 (IELTS_4.5), 

ELLT_B1+ (IELTS_5), 

ELLT_B2 (IELTS_5.5), 


ELLT_C1 (IELTS_6.5), 

ELLT_ C1+ (IELTS_7) 

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74 thoughts on “OIETC Vs IELTS Score Comparison | Scoring Details of IELTS & ELLT

          1. My OIETC overall score B1+. (6 September exam disi)
            Listening C1+
            Reading C1
            Writing B2+
            Speaking B1

            Taile Overall B2+ pailam na kne

        1. Hello Bro I got L=c1, R=b2, W=b2, S=b1+…my question is if I appeal for speaking score so any chance to improve my speaking score. What I do now kindly i need your response

  1. My overall score is b2 but speaking score is B1+ and other 3 skills I got b2+. So my question is, I do appeal for speaking skills. Is it give me advantage of speaking skill. My university requirement is b2. My question is really big but I feel worries about this. I will do wait of your reply. Thanks.

  2. OIETC is one of the best site or platform to test your English proficiency skills in all four modules especially in Reading writing listening and speaking. My overall score is B2+ where C1+ in listening and speaking and B+ in Reading and writing. Can I apply for University of Greenwich London or London South Bank University?

  3. Hi, how to get in touch with the blogs author? I need some help with my test scoring. Please leave WhatsApp no. Thank you!

  4. Hi .. if I get c1 In reading c1+ in listening ,C1 in writing and B2 in speaking .what will be my final score?

  5. ELLT_B2 (IELTS_5.5),


    ELLT_C1 (IELTS_6.5),

    ELLT_ C1+ (IELTS_7)

    What score/mark do I need to target in Oxford Test of English to fall into each of these category of ELLT B2, B2+, C1 and C2+.
    Thank you

  6. how many questions in listening do I have to get correct to score a minimum of b2?I guess I had around 16 total questions.

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