OIETC Speaking Presentation Question & Sample Answer

OIETC Speaking Presentation Question & Sample Answer


“Is money the most important factor when choosing a career?”

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement

Sample Answer: 

When it comes to the issue of “ Is money the most important factor when choosing career” a significant number of inhabitants stand with different kinds of views. While a good number of individuals tend to take this issue as rosy, others seem to hold opposite trend. However, I am going to outline both sides of this issue prior to give a reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, a good number of supportive points come from this affair in many ways. The first and foremost point is that , earning money is the first desire for an individual to obtain a job. To cite an example, from our childhood, we all have a dream that when we become adult we will earn money and can buy whatever we want. Another worth mentioning point is that, having a job that does not give enough money according to the effect, can makes a person frustrated.  To give an example, leaving a job due to poor salary is a common scenario now-a-days.

On the other hand, it also seems to be more likely to come up with a couple of opposite issues. To begin with, having a good learning environment in office is much more important for a fresher than salary . For example, not only new comers but also all the service holders need to learn new things from there work place which is very essential for keep them in the corporate race. Another most striking point is that , obtaining a socially valued position is much valued than a higher salary job. To give an example, there are many job positions in our society that provides high social status but low salary. Last but not least, having a friendly atmosphere in the office is also very essential to have mental peace. 

To sum up, having illustrated both sides of this affair, I would like to state my opinion that I strongly disagree with this statement .

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