OIETC Speaking Partr-3 Questions & Answers.

OIETC Speaking Partr-3 Questions & Answers.

Essay Topic: 

Communication and information flow have changed dramatically since the middle of the 20th century. Challenges presented by modern communication channels and media have influenced our lives in many ways. 

How have changes in information technology affected the workplace in the last fifty years?

  1. Do you think the topic of your essay was easy or difficult?

 Answer: If you think it was easy: The topic of my essay was easy, I suppose. Therefore, it was not only something that I have significant knowledge of, but also something that is concurrent with the present times. So, it was relatively easy to write about. If you think it was difficult :The topic of my essay was difficult, I suppose. While the topic was very up-to-date with the current times, it was something that required a very nuanced analysis. So, for me, it was a relatively difficult topic. 

  1. In your essay, you mentioned “technology addiction is ubiquitous in all segments of society”. Can you elaborate on technology addiction? 

Answer: One of the greatest sources of technology addiction is social media. With the advent of technology, social media platforms have devised mechanisms to gain people’s attraction in mammoth amounts by constantly bringing about changes to the platforms that provide high levels of entertainment and satisfaction. Furthermore, mobile and tablet devices are being gradually made to provide services that help people in everyday activities. This overdependence on technology is causing people to become addicted to technology. 

Top 5 Questions & C1+ Sample Answer For OIETC Speaking Presentation.

OIETC Reading Test Sample Questions & Tips, Tricks.

  1. What does the word “supersede” mean?

 Answer: The word “supersede” means to take the place of a person or thing previously in authority or use. 

  1. What does the word “optimise” mean? 

Answer: The word “optimise” means to make the best or most effective use of something. 

  1. What do you understand by “deter”? 

Answer: The term “deter” means to prevent the occurrence of something.

  1. What does the word “paramount” mean? 

Answer: The word “paramount” means more important than anything else.

  1. Having discussed both the pros and cons of the topic in your essay, would you choose to support the role of information technology in the workplace, or not?

 Answer: Having discussed both sides of the issue, I would choose to support the role of information technology in the workplace. This is because the number of merits it comes with strongly outweighs its demerits. Furthermore, everything useful comes with its setbacks as well. It is our responsibility to regulate the negative influences that technology comes with and use its merits for the advent of human civilization.

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