How to appeal for OIETC/ELLT Banned or Increasing Result?

How to appeal for OIETC/ELLT Banned or Increasing Result?

Hi there, in this blog post, I will help you to get rid of banned or terminate result and also you can appeal for Speaking & Writing if you don’t get your desired score in the these 2 modules.

There are many students taking ELLT test as an alternative test of IELTS for studying in UK. But, unfortunately due to some suspicious behavior or unconscious activities,   some students get banned or terminated from the test. For this, students can not take the test again as their account get terminated.

Howe can I retake the ELLT Test after I get banned?

Well, you can appeal your result to the OIETC authority to this email : [email protected]

You can write this information to this e-amil:

I gave my test independently and did not take any help from anyone. During my whole speaking rest, I maintained my eye contact as well but the only problem was the noise from another room. Frankly speaking, I sat in a private room but there were some of my cousins another room and they were talking to each other. Maybe, that was the noise which made the issue. However, I strongly can assure that I did not take any help. So, please give another chance to retake the test. It is very important for me to get score in OIETC as my university will not allow me to study there. Please give me another chance.

How do I appeal or contest my ELLT results?

Your ELLT results are reviewed and confirmed by qualified academic and examination professionals. If you disagree with your results, you can request a formal review of your writing and speaking components via our ELLT appeal process. You cannot appeal your reading and listening components. The ELLT appeals process costs £30, takes up to 14 days and can only be initiated within 14 days of receiving your results.

To Appeal Your Results, Click Here

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