Top 5 Questions & C1+ Sample Answer For OIETC Speaking Presentation.

Top 5 Questions & C1+ Sample Answer For OIETC Speaking Presentation.

OIETC Speaking Presentation for 3-5 Minutes


Communication and information flow have changed dramatically since the middle of the 20th Century.
Challenges presented by modern communication channels and media have influenced our lives in many ways.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for online shoppers? What is best practice?

Sample Answer:

Now, I will begin my presentation.

The procedure of the communication and information sharing have changed drastically after the mid-stages of the 20th century onwards, as it has brought a revolutionary change to the new-age communication channels and media, which has a huge influence on both the positive and the negative side of the shopping sectors of the recent world.

Throughout the earlier 20th century, the communication and information sharing process have been ongoing in a stereotypical fashion, as from the halfway through, the discovery of the smartphones, and the inventions of technological instruments have redefined the shopping sector, as now, a market does not have to be a tangible store anymore. Through laptops and smartphones, it is now possible for the online shoppers to order any shopping product from any part of the globe to another, through some timely apps and online accessories, in an impromptu fashion, as the shoppers can now look for their desired product virtually, from various market sources, which is the new-age practice, which suits the consumers mostly. However, despite online shopping being the best practice, it also has some disadvantages too, for a potential consumer.

The virtual buying process, which sounds as a blessing in the current era of the coronavirus pandemic, and also due to the busy schedules of a rational working person, sometimes several miscommunications also take place, due to the consumer physically not being present at the marketplace. There are countless cases seen around the globe, in which, the online market platforms suffer miscommunication over delivering the desired products to their online consumers, as according to the sudden rise of the technological aspect of the current world, people are now more reluctant to shop online, and regular online markets are having a vast number of consumers, as they are considering it hard to deal with so many, while the customers are paying the toll for that.

To conclude, it is quite evident, that the recent technological process has rocked the online shopping sector to its score, as it started from the mid-20th century, as due to the sudden rise, the certain sector is having some considerable ups and downs, from which, the customers are suffering; however, it is expected to be solved over time, as the issues are quite petty, and the customers should enjoy these intangible online stores, nevertheless.

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Some people believe that zoos are a living museum. What we learn about wild animals in captivity can help us manage and conserve them in the wild and therefore it is a good idea to keep animals in zoos.

How far do you agree with this statement?

Sample Answer: 

A fair share of adults in the UK has a pet dog. Many of them keep their  pets in an apartment without a balcony or a garden. However, many  people believe that dogs should be able to access outdoor space, and  keeping them in an apartment is cruel. I partially agree with their  assertion.  

In this new world of modern civilization, almost everyone lives in either  an apartment or a house near the city. As a result, there is not much  space around or inside their home for a dog to play. However, most  people who own a dog take their dogs out on a walk regularly. They  even take their dogs to several parks. This activity may not be as good  as letting a dog live on a spacious outdoor ground, but it certainly helps  him to stay healthy. As a result, keeping dogs in an apartment may not  be as brutal as some people think.  

On the other hand, it is certainly true that dogs should have access to  outdoor grounds and gardens. Being outside is critical for a dog as it  allows him to get the physical exercise he needs, stimulates his senses,  and provides him with some variations in his life. Dogs are social pack  animals and they need their family for interaction to feel sane and  happy as well. At the end of the day, dogs are living beings just like us.  They need refreshment just like we do. 

In conclusion, Dogs definitely deserve the ability to roam free on  outdoor grounds. However, just because some people keep their dogs  inside an apartment, it does not mean that they do not take care of  their pet’s physical and mental health. Therefore, I partially agree with  the statement. 



In 2018, over 500,000 international students travelled to the UK to study. Most young adults coming to
the UK are leaving their home environment and country for the first time and some of them may
experience homesickness, anxiety and culture shock.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?

Sample Answer:

I will now begin my presentation. 

It is true that more and more students are choosing to study at university in a foreign country. In 2018, over 500000 pupils came to the UK to study. While there are certainly some drawbacks for students who make this decision, I believe that studying abroad is beneficial overall. On one hand, there are several difficulties that overseas students may experience.

 Firstly, they may find it necessary to improve their language skills in order to understand lectures and complete assignments in a foreign language. For example, a British student studying in Germany may need to take extra German lessons or seek help from a native speaker when it comes to editing written work. Secondly, international students may struggle to cope with cultural differences, both socially and in terms of academic conventions. Finally, living away from family and friends can be a daunting prospect, and some students may feel lonely, homesick and even anxious. 

On the other hand, attending a university course abroad can be extremely rewarding. The main benefit for many overseas students is the opportunity to gain a qualification from a prestigious institution in the foreign country. A degree from such an institution may improve a graduate’s job prospects, opening the door to a successful career in his or her chosen field. For example, a degree from Harvard or Oxford University is likely to impress potential employers and put graduates in a great position to secure a job in one of the world’s best companies. The other advantage of studying abroad is more personal; it can help to broaden students’ horizons, introduce them to a new network of friends, and give them new perspectives on life.

 In conclusion, I believe that the trend towards studying overseas is a positive one, especially if students are able to overcome the difficulties that they are likely to face.

Thank you for your attention.


Some parents pressure their children to do certain extracurricular activities or follow a particular academic path. Some parents believe children should follow their own ambitions and dreams. 

To what extent do you agree with this statement? 

I will now begin my presentation. 

Parents always want the best for their children. Our parents always try to provide the best for us in every sphere of life, from small toys to giving money for our careers. But some parents pressure their children to strictly maintain a career path or specific extracurricular activities, while others let their children decide which career they want to choose by themselves. Children should be given a chance to follow their career in the guidance of parents.

 Parents never want anything wrong to happen to their children intentionally. They always think about our career and thus want us to follow a strict routine so we do not go off track. As children, we are naïve, and we don’t know much about how the world works. So, parents bring us up through a routine way with extracurricular activities and strict routines so we can turn into doctors, engineers or anything that will be helpful for our career. 

However, forcing something doesn’t always prove to be good. From early childhood most of us dream of becoming things that might not get aligned with our parents’ dreams. So most of the time, we have to abandon our dream to complete our parents’, which doesn’t always turn out to be good for our career and growth. To fulfill our parents’ dreams, we sacrifice our dreams and embrace a strict career path that often turns out wrong, and many of us suffer from depression. 

Children are naïve, but they dream, and parents want a bright and prosperous career for their children. So I believe children should be allowed to follow their dreams with the supervision of their parents. Only then can a child grow up in a healthy environment towards a bright future.

Thank you for your attention.


The performance of staff can have a significant impact on the success of a company. In some companies staff are offered bonuses and in others they are offered incentives like extra paid holidays. Others might be offered flexible working hours or special perks like gym memberships of company cars.

Discuss in your opinion what the the best way a company can increase staff productivity and explain why?

Sample Answer:

I will now begin my presentation. 

Companies can earn a huge amount of profit if they have hardworking staff. On the other hand, incompetent staff can totally ruin the prospects of a company. Hence, the performance of staff has a remarkable effect on the profitability of the company. This essay will highlight the importance of the performance of staff and will also suggest the ways to increase the output of the staff.

To commence with, I would like to say that the performance of staff can be beneficial for the company in many ways. If the staff is sincere toward their job and if they have full knowledge about their work then they will manage their work well. Also, if each member of the company works hard then the profit of the company will increase manifold.

For instance, if each staff member devotes extra time for the company, the productivity of the company will increase to a great extent. However, if the staff is careless or irresponsible, the profitability of the company will suffer. The quantity and the quality of work can suffer a lot because of the negligence of the workers.

It has been clearly stated in the aforementioned paragraph that it is vital for the company to have efficient workers. The companies can take several steps to increase the productivity of staff. Firstly, if the company rewards the good performance of the workers then they will get motivated and will work even hard to get the reward. Secondly, the company should take care of the requirements of the employees. They should be given adequate relaxation time and days off so that they can have quality time with their near and dear ones. Thirdly, motivational speakers can be hired to motivate the staff. Lastly, parties or excursions to the nearby places can be organized to help the workers get away from the monotony of life.

To recapitulate, I would like to assert that it is of paramount importance for the employers to take good care of the staff as it will be fruitful for the company in the long run. They can do this by instituting a reward system to motivate hardworking employees.

Thank you for your attention.

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