OEITC/ELLT Speaking Test Details | Know All about ELLT Speaking Test

OEITC/ELLT Speaking Test Details | Know All about ELLT Speaking Test

Well, In this blog I’m going to talk about OIETC/ELLT Speaking test in details step by step. First of all I will be talking about how the ELLT Speaking test will be conducted. Secondly, you can learn about the duration of the speaking test and how the time is divided. Finally, you will be able to know what kinds of questions you may get in the OIETC/ELLT Speaking test.

What Is ELLT Speaking Test?

ELLT Speaking is a test where you will be assessed your English Speaking Level. In this test, your examiner is going to ask you different kinds of familiar questions.

How long it will take to complete your speaking test?

In fact, it’s going to take overall 14-15 minutes to complete your whole speaking test.

What kind of questions can be asked in the OIETC/ELLT Speaking Test?

In the ELLT Speaking Test, In part-1 your speaking examiner is going to ask some questions about yourself and other familiar topics like your leisure time , the university you are going to apply for. Try to answer the questions in detail and think out of the box while giving the answer.

In part-2, you will be given a presentation once you get the speaking test schedule and you have to talk about that topic for nearly 3-4 minutes.

In Part-3, your examiner will ask you two types of questions for 4-5 minutes which will be led by your examiner.

  1. Related to your Part-2 Presentation.
  2. Related to your  Essay Writing. 

Can I use my headphones in my speaking test?

Yes, you can use your headphones while taking your ELLT Speaking but make sure your headphones are perfect to listen to the speech properly & deliver your voice. By using headphones, you will have the opportunity to listen to your examiner very carefully.

Can I take any help from anyone while taking the ELLT Speaking Test?

No, you cannot take any help from anyone when you take your speaking test, if you try to do so, you will be disqualified from the test. So, please make sure no one is with you while giving the test. 



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